❅ Cake Magic ❅

Wow, it has been a very long time since I have posted on my lovely baking blog! It’s been very busy in the world of Sam as usual however I’ve been currently off work for the Summertime for the past week and I have indeed gone a bit baking maaaaaaaad. During my last week of work I decided for our class farewell party I should give the kids a massive treat to send them home all hyper to their parents, aren’t I a fabulous teacher? Each and every child on the face of the planet now has an obsession with the movie Frozen, and is it really and wonder? I was completely obsessed with Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast when I was close to their age so it is no wonder they all want to be Queen Elsa… in fact I wish I could be too! If your crazy enough to have not seen this amazing and beautiful movie yet then… GO SEE IT NOW! It honestly is a beautiful Disney movie just like all the others however I think this one in particular really shows the importance of family instead of a ‘true loves kiss’ like with any other disney princess movie!

I decided to follow the hype and make a Queen Elsa Frozen cake just for all my students. Yet I cannot take all the credit for it all… my students did do there fair share of begging for a Frozen cake so I just got pressured into doing it! However there was a little more inspiration there with one of the child’s birthday cupcakes that they brought in for all of their friends, from that moment onwards I knew I would go Frozen crazy. Yet I truthfully loved every moment of it… I went all out for them with blue fondant, blue sponge and tons and tons of edible glitter. Just to see the crazy beautiful little smiles on each and every child’s face on the last day when I showed them the cake made all the hours of baking and decorating worth it. 


The inspiration cupcake

               The inspiration cupcake!

So the very night before all the baking began I went out and bought a bucket full of blue fondant and edible glitter, it cost a little over my budget but the children were definitely worth it all. The sponge cake was just a plain Victoria Sponge cake from yet again the one and only Mary Berry.I colored the sponge a rich blue colour to of course represent the one and only Queen Elsa .I got a lot of compliments from the parents on how moist the sponge was, so once again Mary berry did not let me down!

Here is the recipe online for you all to enjoy


This was my very first attempt on working with fondant icing and I can truthfully say it’s one of my stronger points in baking. I can literally just loose myself in the modeling process… think I’ve found my strong point finally! However I do get very very judgmental on my work which makes me go into perfectionist mode, but I guess thats not such a bad thing after all! Here is all my fondant work on the Frozen snowflakes I created. 




I used my mums secret buttercream recipe… which I now know the secrets of yet I have been sworn to never expose! Now we have a mother daughter icing bond forever to take to the grave. Now for the grand reveal… the cake finally all complete with the stolen Elsa topping from my students cupcake, I just couldn’t resist!



Hope you all love my Frozen cake, I will be posting shortly with another DEATH by CHOCOLATE cake… but this time with a lovely wedding celebration twist! 🙂 


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