Oh it’s good to British πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

I have only just recently started to drink tea... Being British I bet you all thought I was addicted already! I think the reason for my liking of tea now is due to work. Being a working woman in a school environment with kids running and screaming all around the place requires a little caffeine hit, don't you think? Seeing as my coffee addiction is more expensive when it requires daily trips to Starbucks... I think tea is a big saver.Β 


This weekend I was making sure my mum was happy and well since my dad just recently left for the UK for 3 long weeks. It's never a nice thing dealing with him leaving for small business trips yet this one is a lengthy one, so I wanted to cheer my mum up a bit. I made a lovely little tea afternoon for us. Since I now enjoy tea a LOT it means she can finally share her love of it with me. We looked so very British sitting there with our tea and scones, we just needed to be watching the football and we would have been set. However we both have a passionate HATE towards football, so since it's World Cup time we avoid it as much as possible.Β 

I made freshly baked Mary Berry scones, and as usual they had a massive rise. They were really scrummy and moist. The recipe I have posted before on my blog however I shall re-post it just for all the scone lovers out there! There's nothing better than jam, cream and a yummy scone! Oh and let's not forget out wonderful English breakfast tea. Overall I think with the effort I put into cheering her up a little I achieved it and maybe even brought a little bit of England into Singapore.Β 


This week is the WEEK. I'm going to apply to sunrise THIS WEEK... Wish me luck! Then I'll be making tons and tons of yummy treats to post, if I get inΒ πŸ‘


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