☕ Time to indulge…@Penny University ☕

Its my last few days of work and I thought why not really treat myself? I deserve it! I’m always baking new pastries and sweet treats for me to try and taste yet I never seem to go out and buy a tasty treat from an actual bakery. So this saturday I decided to go out and buy two little sweet treats for my family and I to share. I went down my street on the East Coast and went to see what Penny University Artisanal Coffeehouse on 402 EAST COAST ROAD SINGAPORE 428997 was all about, since whenever I pass by the coffeehouse it is always full of people. As soon as you walk in the smell of fresh espresso and wooden furniture hits its you instantly. The coffeehouse is so contemporary and fresh you feel so homely walking in, especially with the staff being so friendly.

Their pastry display and I was in pastry heaven, every single cake, loaf, tray bake and sweet treat were displayed beautifully in a way to make me drool from the mouth instantly. They had a selection of pastries and cakes ranging from Carrot cake, Peanut butter cake, Chocolate Brownies, Millionaires shortbread, Tarts and many more. I asked them what their best sellers were just because I wasn’t going to buy anything I fancied! But as soon as I saw their Snickers Tart… I was in chocolate H.E.A.V.E.N. They instantly sold me just with the yummy name, I just couldn’t resist. Here is the lovely tempting photo you can go into your ultimate food coma with, and we all love the food coma’s especially from gooooooood choccy!

Snickers Heavenly Tart

Snickers Heavenly Tart


All I can say about the snickers tart would be… Wow wow wow I want another one now. I cut into the tart and honestly wanted to die with I saw the lovely oozy caramel nested inside the pastry case. My next yummy yummy buy was the ultimate Carrot Cake. I really hate admitting that because I thought my mothers recipe was the best in the world, yet I’ve truly be proved a little bit wrong… not all the way… just a little! So overall Penny University is now my Go To place for my yummy treats… might be going back this week… NEED MORE 🙂 So I highly highly recommend to take all your friends their for casual coffee and cakes. Next time I go there I will be sure to buy a lovely coffee and post a lovely review about it, because I’m sure it will be amazing. Have a fabulous Sunday!


Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake


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