Mad Mad Macaron secrets πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ—Ό


On this week which happens to be my week of work! I’ve been lucky enough to receive a lovely gift from a friend knowing how badly I have been wanting to bake French macarons. The kit was bought from the US but made in France (obviously as it is the land of the macaron!). Whether this kit means I’m cheating or not… I’m not surbut hey! I still used it.


The amazing piping bag!

The amazing piping bag!

We used the Martha Stewart Living magazine for the recipe of the macarons. For the first macaron we used the plain almond biscuit recipe and made the hazelnut chocolate filling. The recipe was very simple and to the point, with it’s own step by step instructions and photos. Since it was my very first attempt at making the French Macaron I honestly thought I did pretty damn well!



The first batch unfortunately turned out a little too small… So I called them our mini macarons. I piped the macaron mixture with the piping bag provided by the kit and it was extremely smooth, however my error was piping them too small. On the silicon base they give you a guide to the size and although they say only pipe the inner circle, for the original sized macaron you have to pipe out until the outer circle (if only they made that more CLEAR). Since the Macaron kit is from France the instructions were mostly written in French… That didn’t help me when I was making a few mistakes. However I SURVIVED the macaron baking AND made two extra batches to make up for my mistake. The second batch were the perfect size and honestly lovely shaped, thank the macaron gods. My piping was pretty damn good on them if I do say so myself and the filling my friend and I made was just amazing. The filling was basically a ganache technique with a little kick of Nutella spread at the end for the hazelnut taste, and oh my god did it taste bloody good! So overall they all turned out fabulous


The mini macaroni batch

The filling recipe

The filling recipe


The mini macaroons

My macaron experience didn’t end there, earlier the NEXT morning I was making a new batch and even a different flavour. I had tried peppermint and chocolate macarons before so I thought why not whip out the peppermint essence and give it a go? So I did! The texture didn’t exactly turn out the same… However they baked really well. They tasted exactly like an after eight chocolate (from the uk) which isn’t such a bad thing considering they are YUMMMY. We used the same hazelnut and chocolate filling for the peppermint macaron to balance out the minty flavour with some sweetness, that’s why it tasted like a yummy after eight choccy bar! I remember getting them chic cows at the very end of a meal in any restaurant in the uk as a palate cleanser. Maybe they should start doing that with my macarons? πŸ˜‰ not a bad idea hey!


The normal sized peppermint experiment


Peppermint experiment!


The normal macarons

So there you have it… My mad mad macaron experience! No one gets them right first try anyway and if you do well, your just an amazing pastry chef in the making. Et voila! that is the end of my macaroni experience, but more will be posted. I really can’t stop thinking of mad flavours to make and bake, so don’t worry the journey has not ended yet! Happy baking πŸ™‚

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