Pastry making time! πŸ°

Hello hello hello lovely baking bloggers πŸ™‚ Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted… Too long for my liking! I’ve been super busy lately with work yet not being a socialite like I wish I was. However, this week is the last week of work then we have a week off. Wow being a teacher is good! So this weekend I did a little Mary berry style baking for a few friends who came over on Sunday night for drinks and nibbles. My mum and I both chose to tackle a tough one for both of us, PIE TIME. My mum is amazing at making lemon meringue pie she just never likes the pastry making part. So I thought why not give it a try together and see if my pastry making skills can be put to the test. We used Mary Berry’s book as usual and made sure we followed the pastry recipe religiously. How amazing though I actually made one of the best pastries my mums tasted, so well done Mary berry! (And my magic pastry working hands!).



It was great just to have time in the kitchen baking again since it has been a while. I felt so calm and relaxed… Until it came to blind baking the pastry and then mum and I had a little panic moment. We got through it though as it turned out BRILLIANT. The recipe was extremely straight forward and like I said even the pastry worked out fabulously for beginner pastry makers like my mum and I. I have some photos here of the step by step process of the lemon meringue baking just to help you know what your looking for when baking with this recipe.


Lemon curd process


Lemon curd process


Lemon curd process


Once we made a cut into the pie we realised then we may have gone slightly over the top with the meringue, however no one seemed to complain! When we served this beautifully devilish dessert it was honestly a food orgasm moment. Knowing the calorie content I didn’t want to OVER indulge but I couldn’t resist… So a second slice was definitely called for. All I can say is it was Sunday so I deserved it. Overall lemon meringue pie definitely is a love of mine… Especially the pastry base and with no soggy bottom thank god! So my new obsession… Making pastries! Better make my boyfriend his favourite pumpkin pie as I now have an excuse. Have a lovely week everyone and bake a pie for me! πŸ‘



Before baking…


After baking!

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