Death By Chocolate & peanut butter πŸ«

The birthday is over for the 22 year old, and I attempted to bake the best chocolatey and peanut-buttery cake this world (or just my boyfriend) has ever seen/ATE! My mother and I chose to play it a little safe (as usual) and bake Mary Berry’s death by chocolate cake, no one can complain with a name like that? I have out the recipe below for you guys to give it a little try for yourself.The name ‘death by chocolate cake’ was just a given for me, there’s no way I couldn’t not make this cake for my boyfriend.


My boyfriend turned into a 4 year old again with this cake… Who am I kidding the whole family went back to being a kid again. The cake batter itself was a very sloppy batter, at first we worried if it would bake properly yet it did. Here are some tempting photo’s of the two layered cake being made. I almost ate all the mixture myself, couldn’t resist the chocolatey smell… I went into a little frenzy! Me and my mum were going mad with the smell of the cake in the oven. I think that’s the most difficult part, resisting the smells! Damn our amazing senses. God don’t even want to know the calories in this cake.


20140428-181629.jpgΒ Got to have a british cuppa while baking!

Once it was baked I could smell a hint of ginger and when I ate the cake altogether it does have a gingery taste to it, I think it was the golden syrup inside the mixture. However it tasted fantastic, the ginger added to the texture and it was lovely and moist. Making the frosting was the shocking part. We used the brown eyed bakers website, here is a link to the recipe :

I have made many peanut butter frostings in my time of baking however this recipe had a great balance of flavour. We made it all in a food processor as it was easier to control the smooth consistency. Next was time for the gananche and honestly it was shiny and silky smooth. This recipe was truly a hit for it’s frosting and gananche as it was very straight forward… And let’s not forget YUMMY. As a decoration I wanted to bring a bit of colour to the cake with Reese’s pieces. I thought they would begin to discolour within an hour, yet it lasted a whole day. I was very surprised, must have been my magic touch!


Once we got back from his birthday meal we CHOMPED down the cake. His mum couldn’t stop telling me how yummy it was. My boyfriend told me ‘You really need to get baking in a bakery Sam!’ And hey, why not? Might just start looking around. All my worries have disappeared now because the cake was a HIT, thank the baking gods! In Singapore it’s difficult to bake due to the INTENSE heat but I always find a way!


HAPPY MONDAY (not). Time for a short week as we have a public holiday this Thursday, and I am so grateful! Have a great week everyone… And remember to make note of this cake for all the peanut butter nutters out there.











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