The month of birthdays! πŸŽ‰

Two weeks of holiday fun has disappeared and it’s now back to work! Had a lovely long two weeks off work, but how come I am still so tired? Well through all the tiredness comes a busy busy end of April for myself. I recently made this three layered red velvet cake for my amazing best friends 18th birthday. One slice had to be thin because it was a massive cake & seriously filling! Along with two bottles of champagne, this cake matched perfectly… Even if we were slightly tipsy. I got the recipe from the same usual red velvet recipe I always used.

Refer to my post – The cake of love πŸ™‚β™‘/




Now that Easter time is over it’s time for the peanut butter chocolate EXTREME cake. Trying to bake this cake without him being around will be a massive challenge! Haven’t even got his other gifts yet… I’m going to busy these next few days! I’m on the run to find Reese’s peanut buttercups now, and trust me in Singapore they can be difficult to get & very expensive. It’s very rare to find them in just your ordinary grocery store, which means it’s more difficult for me to have a chocolatey snack once in a while. I’m a little bit too fussy with all my chocolate… I only really like either British or American choccy bars and not Australian because it has a funny taste in my opinion. See how strange I am? I could probably be a very good artisan chocolate maker… Anyone hiring? πŸ˜‰

Staying on the topic of CHOCOLATE. My Easter egg was a massive surprise, all the way from the uk my mum found a Thorntons choccy egg for my boyfriend and myself. It was so yummy! For those who don’t know what Thorntons chocolate is it’s a very big artisan chocolate shop in the UK. They sell their own design of chocolate’s and they are simply amazing. So I was a very very lucky girl thisEaster!


Its harry HOPALOT!

Our Easter Sunday wasn’t complete without a yummy & boozy brunch. My boyfriends family and mine joined together at an all American restaurant to have a very large brunch. We ofcourse enjoyed a selection of waffles, pancakes,yummy cinnamon buns and way more. You just can’t beat proper American pancakes and waffles can you? The cinnamon bun was the best one I’ve ever eaten… It was thick, sugary and all oozy with hot cinnamon syrup. Overall the bunch was a massive success with rather full tummies the entire duration of the day. Hope you all enjoyed your Easters with yummy treats and choccy eggs!

Time for me to get baking mad, let me know if you have any tips for my peanutbutter cake please! Need ALL the help I can get πŸ™‚






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