Peanut butter brownie time!

One week of my holiday all done! Scary how fast time goes by. So today is, Friday the 11th of April and it’s my boyfriends mothers birthday! As we all know I have an ever lasting love for peanut butter and thankfully she does too and also she loves brownies. So I decided let’s have the best of both worlds and mix chocolate brownies with peanut butter.


I decided to do a little research online on different recipes and there was one that caught my eye.

Here is the link to the recipe –

At first I thought it was a little of to not have an sort of rising agent in the recipe, however it worked out extremely well. The brownies came out beautiful and moist. I did not cook it for the full time limit as it cooked within 25 minutes. When I did the stick test on the mixture it came out clear. With brownies you will usually be able to tell when they are baked trough the crisp and cracked too layer on the bake. Next time I would definitely incorporate the peanut butter slightly more towards the middle of the brownie mixture. Most of the peanut butter remained on the top if the bake which creates a lovely marble look. However for the extra gooey centre I would recommended to incorporate the peanut butter more. Apart from that the rise was perfect for a brownie and honestly… Super yummy and goest centre.




I added my own little twist for the decoration as I usually do. I chopped up a giant Reese’s peanut butter cup and placed it on top of each slice with some melted chocolate to hold it in place. I simply heated the remaining semi-sweet chocolate bar in the microwave and placed a small circle in the centre of each brownie piece for the peanut butter cup slice to sit on.


It went down a HUGE hit! My boyfriend admitted to me that he thought it would be overpowering but he said it was amazing. I am really impressed I made them nicely because usually I commit the sin of buying a packet mix for brownies. I only do that because I have this fear that making brownies from scratch won’t taste as good. However I’ve been proven wrong! So please take my word for it, the recipe may look odd but it works amazingly well.

Hope you guys get to try this recipe, don’t miss out!! Almost the weekend, hope everyone has a fab friday!






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