The Easter bunny is on his way! πŸ°

Easter is slowly coming up! Don’t you all wish it was as magical as it was back when you were kids? I remember waking up in the morning and running down the stairs ready to hunt for chocolate. Every holiday my mum always made a fuss yet the two main holiday she always made special was Easter and Christmas. Although she still makes it special, there’s just no Santa Claus or Easter bunny trying to surprise me anymore.

I remember finding the Easter eggs in the strangest places, for example the oven, shower and washing machine. Although it was strange me and my brother went mad for it all… And went mad on all the sugar. If only it was all that special still. Now I just look forward to holidays, pay days, weekends and of course baking days.

So what was everyone’s favourite Easter eggs? My mum and I have been on the hunt for my caramel egg… However we have not succeeded. Yet today my mum seemed very excited to have found one Easter egg that she said we would never find in Singapore. I guess I’ll have till Easter Sunday to munch on it. Strange how excited I am over one little Easter egg isn’t it?


I truly miss baking with my mum over Easter too. I remember the little Rice Krispy birds nests we made with melted chocolate to hold it all together. They were my ultimate favorite to come home too. I can’t forget the favorite creme egg brownie… Brownie with a gooey creme egg in the centre, isn’t that heaven? Lastly the classic hot cross bun, fingers crossed we bake our own homemade version this week to bring back a few memories. I’ll put my little twist on it with the cross in the centre being decorated with the one and only icing sugar, just for the added sugary flavor



Does anybody have any other yummy Easter treats they remember as a child? Bet you all have many. Let’s bring all the memories back and bake have a Easter bake fest (I’m sure friends and family wouldn’t turn any of them down!). Enjoy your Easter holidays everybody, and try to remember all your Easter memories. Share them with myself if you can.


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