Free ice cream anyone?🍦

Tuesday the 8th of April 2013, thank god it’s Tuesday! Time for the anniversary of Ben and Jerry’s, and their amazing free cone day. What a nice way for me to enjoy my holiday afternoon, by a free ice cream cone… yes please! Even though the line was extremely long… We did it! I the maple tree hugger flavour and oh my god was it delicious. I mean maple swirl, fudge brownie and yummy caramel… That’s my idea of heaven. It’s given me a big inspiration for a brownie recipe so that’s an added bonus.

Now I was debating over which flavor to get… Somehow this honestly turned into a half an hour long conversation with my boyfriend and his friend. We were debating all the flavors that they sell in Singapore and how we miss out the amazing ones from the US. I mean honesty, I want peanut butter cups in my ice cream… And maybe a swirl of cinnamon. However we just get the basic old classics, not that I am complaining. Yet wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a little something different? Oh well… I still wish Ben and Jerry’s a happy anniversary! All the years of amazing ice cream, we couldn’t live without them. I just ask one little request… More flavors in Singapore please!





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