Lazy Sunday mornings πŸŒ…

Since it’s the Easter holidays now and officially! Off for a lovely long two weeks, that’s a lot of time for baking, relaxing, partying, eating and getting back on track.

Since it’s a Sunday my mum and I decided it called for some afternoon scone snacking. So we baked Mary Berry’s Very Best Scones from her baking bible. Here is the wonderful woman’s recipe πŸ‘‡



20140406-192318.jpgWe didn’t follow her instructions completely, we made our scones a little thicker since it’s a Sunday, we needed the extra boost. My boyfriend woke up at lunch time… Feeling guilty from the night before of course! He was more than happy to see and smell yummy scones. His favourite way to eat his scones is with gravy (because he likes his American biscuis being an American). However I of course convinced him to have it the British way with a little strawberry jam, sadly without the clotted cream… But he can’t complain!! Next on the baking list is the classic Easter hot cross buns, because it is the time to eat them! So I’ll be updating you all with how that turned out! πŸ‘Œ

20140406-192334.jpgHope all your Sundays are filled with yummy treats before the dreaded Monday! We all deserve it on a Sunday.







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