Birthday cake time, help!

It’s almost April! I am sooo excited for Easter πŸ™‚ being in Singapore makes it difficult to get all my yummy faaaavourite Easter eggs. The one and only chocolate Easter egg I’ve been craving is the caramel egg. We do get the mini caramel bunnies shipped here but not the giant egg that comes with the caramel chocolate bar. I guess I’ll have to just settle for the smaller version! (But no one really wants the smaller version now do they!)

All this talk about chocolate brings me to my next big talking point! My boyfriends 22nd birthday. Last year he turned the big 21 and we made the best cake to match his crazyness. It was a skateboard cake (because he’s a massive skating fan!) completely covered in camouflage (because of his obsession with duck dynasty!). It was probably one of the most creative cakes I’ve made alongside my mum because truthfully… We had no idea how to make a skateboard cake with all it’s wheels. It was a challenge but a really good one! From the images below you’ll see that the cake turned out really well! He ate it in a second so I knew then he beat his usual record.

So for this year I wanted to focus on our ultimate obsession lately… Peanut butter! My boyfriend have always been a MASSIVE lover of peanut butter just like very one else at the moment! However it’s become an obsession now, almost everything in my room is peanut butter related. So for this birthday celebration a peanut butter overloaaaaad cake is in order. My only problem is with peanut butter itself is it’s a very dense ingredient and when baking with it I don’t want to make the cake too heavy. However I don’t want to loose the peanut butter taste in the cake by replacing it with a different flavour. That’s why I am posting today, I’m looking for inspiration! My mum isn’t much help In this area as she hasn’t ever baked with peanut butter (she’s not a massive lover like me!).20140326-192830.jpg

I’ve been looking all over Pinterest and other networks and it’s been successful. Yet I need all the lovely bloggers from WordPress to help make my peanut butter chocolate EXTREME cake. After all it needs to be the best damn chocolate peanut butter cake I’ve ever tasted… I’ve had a few! So I’d love ALL of your inputs. Send photos and ideas to me if you can πŸ™‚ it will be MOST appreciated. Fingers crossed I blow his socks off with an over the top peanut butter cake!




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