The cake of L.O.V.E ♡


2 years with this silly billy 🙂

As singapore gets hotter and hotter with 0 sign of ANY rain, think I needed a little love time. Yet not only that, this weekend was my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend… so a little love cake is what we all needed. Red velvet is also my ultimate favourite cake. I had it as my 18th Birthday cake from mamma jones and it tasted a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Now my dream cake for my wedding will of course have to be mamma jones’s red velvet cake. Although Rob my boyfriend will definitely disagree as he’s a HUGE chocolate fan! The cake of LOVE it has to always be. Been together for 2 years and I’m now planning our wedding cake… wow I move fast don’t I!


The 18th birthday cake!

So here’s the second time we have created this cake and my mum was not sure about the decoration. I thought we should recycle the trimmings from the top of the cake and crumble them around the top and sides of the cake. Although I’m still not 100% sure the decoration was lovely… I think we did a pretty good job! Even if we did make a little mistake there’s always room for improvement! Now I’m sharing with you all now the beautiful red velvet cake that we have discovered from the trusted bbc website (mums favourite website to use! and mine) There’s a selection of sizes for the cake however we chose to do the medium one as we weren’t catering for a wedding… only me and rob! –


The red velvet cake

Me and my boyfriend celebrated our anniversary over an extra large slice of this cake and it all ended in a smile. Singapore’s weather has been purely H.O.T. Literally a terrible time for me and rob to decide… let’s go to the beach and drink for the day! Well well well sunburn and drunkness doesn’t mix very nicely as I’ve recently discovered. However it was a beautiful day and truly celebrating 2 years it could have been raining and storming but still would have been a lovely day.

Hope everyones weekend was full of yummy food and happiness. Comment on how you think the red velvet cake looks with it’s decoration idea from moi, need the advice!


The crumbly decoration


2 thoughts on “The cake of L.O.V.E ♡

  1. I absolutely love red velvet anything and everything. The crumble topping is a fun idea. i made red velvet whoopie pies last week, and now you’ve got me wanting more red velvet! Thanks for sharing, and happy anniversary!


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