Mary Berry obsessions :)

This week our family friends from the UK are coming to visit and as usual mums in the kitchen trying to impress! She truly is the hostess with the mostest. We’ve been going MARY BERRY MAD this week. Honestly Mary Berry Is my ultimate baking hero (and my mums too). Ever since we bought the Mary Berry baking bible we have been baking baking and BAKING. It’s all true what they say… Mary Berry’s recipes never ever fail.

So to kick off the madness we baked the yummiest muesli cookies. They truly tasted amazing… Almost like a hobnob biscuit! In her recipe it was basically like making a normal cookie mix yet adding the muesli of your choice. We chose to use Alpen with no added sugar… Only because it’s my favouuuurite muesli. The cookies took only 15 minutes to bake. Yet the first batch we found had a nice rise, yet the second was even better since we bumped up the dough quantity on the tray. They made a total of 24 cookies! Which is a large amount in comparison to what some recipes produce… Like I said Mary Berry never fails!


Secondly for our Mary Berry craze we baked a breakfast favourite… Blueberry muffins! Of course the recipe was by the amazing Mary Berry herself. This was an unusual process of baking muffins yet they are the most delicious muffins I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been wanting to bake proper cafe style muffins with a brilliant rise, and these definitely made me proud! I’ve heard by adding Greek yogurt it helps give a lift to the muffins. So I tried it out a while ago and it did give a rise yet not as much as I had hoped for. I’ve learnt now, for a proper cafe style muffin I will follow Mary Berry’s tricks! We started off by combining the baking powder, flower and butter together. The recipe strictly advices the process of using your fingertips only to create fine breadcrumbs. We found this to be more like a scone recipe for the beginning. However once adding the eggs and milk it all came together. Mary berry said that the mixture should be a lumpy texture, this creating a larger rise. She was definitely right about the big rise! The muffins started to overflow with the biggest rise in the oven. Yet one taken out of the oven I was truly impressed


Mary berry is a true baking legend! I recommend to any baking lover,pleasego out and purchase the Mary berry baking bible! It’s a must πŸ™‚ My mother and I had the best time baking her recipes because there were zero faults to the baking. Now it’s time to go to the drawing board for my mother and I to try and make our very own foolproof baking bible! I wish I was a baking legend… Maybe one day I’ll be the new Mary berry! (Chance would be a fine thing!!)

I hope you had a fabulous week, and enjoy your Pancake Tuesday! I’m off to flip some myself πŸ™‚


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