Jaffa cake madness!



Hello all my foodaholics!

It’s coming close to the end of my lovely week off work. I thought I should make a little post about something I’ve been thinking about combining for a little while.

As I am from the UK I grew up with a little cake bar (don’t really know what it is classified as) called the Jaffa cake. A small round disc with a thing cake base, jelly like orange filling and all coated with a yummy chocolate shell. Sounds amazing right? Well when I was little we went into a pub (not sure whereabouts this pub is) and they had as a dessert… A Jaffa cake CAKE! So ofcourse without hesitation I ordered the heavenly thing and it was probably the most memorable cake I’ve ever had. So my idea is to recreate this myself!

I’ve been searching all over the internet and yes this has been made before, even by the company Mcvities themselves! There are many of recipes I can follow, however I would love to create my own from scratch and my own very recipe. So guess what? I’m gonna do just that! Sound amazing? I think so. I will document the entire scrumptious adventure and hopefully you guys can give me some tips! Because honestly it may sound simple but I have a feeling it won’t be!

Fingers crossed it actually tastes good… I have my expert Jaffa cake boyfriend to do the critiquing part. He’s the difficult judge to please on this one!

Off to the drawing board… And to mamma jones for help ofcourse! Wish me luck! πŸ™‚

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



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