Late posting time… Oops! πŸ•£


The love heart bakewells β™₯

Sorry for such a late post my lovely readers. I’ve got a week off work and really have been using that time up fast! Haven’t had a lot of time to post however I did have time to complete my cute love heart valentines Bakewell tarts! And guess what? They tasted amazing. My boyfriend and his mother agreed it basically tasted like a poptart…Whether that’s a good or bad thing? You guys can decide!


I was cooking under mamma jones’s close eye! But she wanted me to do everything on my own, but she guided me every now and again. I started with the pastry, that was so tricky for me! Never ever made pastry and honestly my mum told me that the pastry was perfect. So for first attempt… I’m happy! Pastry is difficult and with the recipe I used we had to improvise from our own knowledge. We doubled up the quantity from the website because as we were weighing out the ingredients it didn’t seem like enough at all. Some online recipes can be either hit or miss… But they turned out fabulous! So we must have made the recipe our own creation.


Next was blind baking the pastry for around 10 minutes whilst making the filling of frangipane. The frangipane filling is basically a ground almond sponge mix, it’s incredibly sweet but yummy. At the base of a Bakewell tart there should be a thin filling of jam. When you pick the jam (unless your amazing and make homemade jam) be sure it isn’t too sweet otherwise it will overpower the entire tart. That’s why I chose a jam that didn’t have any added sugar to stay away from overpowering the tart (unless sweet is your thing then go for a sweetened jam!)


The cooling tarts πŸ™‚


Once the tart is blind baked you place the small layer of jam at the base. Then fill the frangipane filling up to half of the tart base. Finally place I the oven for an extra 10-15 minutes until golden. Not too difficult right? Not at all! Next once the tart was completely cool on a rack, we finished with a thing layer of water icing over the top creating the classic Bakewell look. Yet to add for the special occasion I piped on a small red heart on my tarts with left over icing dyed red (because I’m a cheesy romantic!).

Our tarts looked very rustic… They didn’t look like they were made by some machine or robot! I guess that means they were baked with love. Yet the next time I make them, I’ll be sure to not put as much jam as I did! Think the ratio from jam to sponge filling wasn’t perfect at all but I’ll fix that for next time πŸ™‚

So that was my Bakewell tart adventure guys! Pastry was a difficult one… It melted very quickly in our sunny Singapore kitchen so be sure if your attempting to bake pastry… COOL IT BEFORE! And do not overwork the dough or it will become right and difficult to work with.

I hope everyone’s valentines day was filled with love and food! Mine was filled with these Bakewell tarts, a7 course meal and Chanel. I was a lucky girl this valentines! More posts coming up shortly πŸ™‚Β But mostly I’ll be enjoying my lovely week off (:



Sam ❀ Rob (I’ve been cheesy this v-day)


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