My coffee addiction! ☕

My coffee addiction!

owl + coffee = genius ! 💡

Saturday morning usual, flicking through interest. Then I come across one of the best combinations I’ve ever seen. Coffee and Owls… So! I thought it would be a good chance to talk about my two ultimate obsessions.

I love owls and I know lately it seems to be a trending thing to like owls but genuinley I love them. You name it I’ve got it in a anything owl related. I have an owl snow globe, pillows, speaker, handbag, purse you name it! Now people won’t stop buying me gifts related to owls. I think my entire birthday and christmas gift collection was mostly owl related. Yet who am I to complain? I love them! I’ll just be that owl lady with the house filled with owl trinkets… no biggie! Not sure the boyfriend could handle that though. He’d most probably go stir crazy having nightmares of owls staring at him.

For my coffee addiction well, it’s the same as any other person who wakes up super early in the morning. There’s nothing better than my Starbucks latte’s to get me dancing around on the bus at 6 am heading to work (even though the bus driver doesn’t appriciate my enthusiasm to work).

And there we have it my two ultimate obsession except going baking mad on the weekends. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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